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National Sticker Day – January 13th

National Sticker Day is upon us and this is the day to celebrate all things stickers. From custom printing them to sharing them, or using them on your special mailing projects, every sticker has a unique story.

European merchants were first credited in the 1880’s with sticking labels on their products in the effort to promote their goods to passersby. They would use a gum paste to get them to adhere and stick to paper: hence the term “Sticker”. In the 1990’s they developed a sticker-specific paste that was widely used, mostly on stamps.

National Sticker Day is in Honor of R. Stanton Aver, who was born on January 13, 1907. He was the original creator of the adhesive label with a removable back.



Buy, make, or create a sticker for your business to use in marketing materials. Make a fun and creative sticker for your company logo or print fun return address labels for your company. Have a special event coming up and in need a fun label for the occasion? Now is the perfect time to order for all your company needs. Your options are endless!



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