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Google Review Boards and Posters


Great for hanging up in your retail store, boutique, bakery or restaurant. All of our Small Thanks by Google Review Boards and Posters are 18″ x 24″ and printed one side. You find information about each board type below.

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Aluminum Boards:

These water resistant boards are the modern way to go when giving your logo/business/home a sleek look. These boards will give life to your signs with its shiny surface, and solid black core that’s made from composite material to prevent bowing, warping, swelling, and delamination – making them great for outdoor use! Its sturdiness is sealed in its thickness, and you can choose between 3mm or 6mm for a true modern look.

Printed On: Aluminum White Skin Face
Thickness: 3mm
Core Color: Black
Finish:Gloss Surface
Weight Per Square Inch:
Aluminum Board 6mm – 0.0097LB
Sides: 1 Sided


The most versatile material on the market is finally here to make your designs the center of attention! Our custom cardboard signs are lightweight, durable and a reliable solution for your indoor signage displays.

Printed On: Bright White Liners with 100% Recycled Core
Thickness: 1/4”
Core Colors: White Kraft
Finish: Semi-Gloss Surface
Weight Per Square Inch:
Cardboard White 1/4” – 0.0015LB
Sides: 1 Sided

Corrugated Plastic Boards

Corrugated Plastic Boards deliver the longevity and durability that your signage needs without compromising its quality. Its durability is prime for outdoor use, no matter the wear or tear, making them waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant.

Printed On: White IntePro® Plastic Substrate
Thickness: 4mm
Finish: Semi-Gloss Surface
Weight Per Square Inch:
4mm – 0.001007LB
Sides: 1 Sided

Foam Boards

Choose our durable lightweight foam boards for all your interior decorating needs. These sturdy boards carry a long life span and fit perfectly into any indoor setting such as: displays, exhibits, and events.

Printed On: Polyester Clay Coated Paper
Thickness: 3/16″
Board types: Economy
Finish: Economy – Semi-Gloss Surface
Weight Per Square Inch:
3/16″ – 0.0014LB
Sides: 1 Sided

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Boards

Our PVC boards will adjust to any of your projects and ideal for outdoor signage. We offer both 3mm and 6mm thickness in the boards, and you can print on either one or both sides!

Printed on: White Palight® Premium Substrate

Thickness: 3mm

Finish: Matte Surface

Sides: 1-Sided


Their small closed cells and smooth skin make these boards suitable for a variety of insulating applications. They are also ideal for marketing projects that need to be displayed because they are strong, lightweight, and rigid.

Printed on: Flexible White Opaque Substrate

Thickness: 1.5mm (0.060)

Finish: Semi-Gloss Surface

Sides: 1-Sided

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