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New COSO Print Product – Small Thanks by Google!

small thanks

Google recently launched a new way to promote your local business using your company’s five-star Google My Business reviews. This feature is called, Small Thanks with Google.

From customers writing reviews, to fans snapping and sharing photos of their favorite businesses, the power of gratitude comes in many forms. Printing your favorite reviews will showcase what real people love about your business and encourage other customers to leave reviews as well.

Customer reviews and ratings are both important ranking factors that search engines take into consideration when displaying results. Not only do they help with search engine ranking, they are also great for developing trust and authenticate the satisfaction your customers. Having these reviews from Google provides credibility and generates interest.

COSO Print is offering a way to showcase your poster design on some eye-catching products. We will generate your poster while you pick from a wide range of products such as A-Frames, Stickers, Aluminum Boards, Cardboards, Foam Boards, PVC Boards, Polystyrene, Window Decals, and more!

We have already created one for our client at Angry Barbeque (below). Visit our website and order yours today!


small thanks

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